Kiri Siu Licensed MFT- Counseling

I am a licensed MFT providing culturally sensitive, creative and empathetic counseling services.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Thank you for visiting, my name is Kiri Siu, and I am a California licensed marriage and family therapist, or "MFT", MFC #48995, as well as a Hawaii licensed marriage and family therapist #342.  By visiting this site, you are taking a very important step!  Many people are interested in seeking therapy or counseling but are unsure how to go about doing it or have many fears or assumptions about being in therapy.  I believe that oftentimes, we hold the key to our success, but sometimes need help finding it.  This is where therapy can often benefit you. I hope to be part of your therapeutic journey towards uncovering your key to success. I accept a limited number of clients from California via Skype.

If you are experiencing the following, therapy may be of benefit to you and your loved ones:

Unable to shake feeling depressed, sad, lonely or "blue".

Frequently crying or feeling like you are unable to enjoy life.

Feeling anxious, worried or stressed.

Arguments or not getting along with others in your life.

Recent life stressors (even good events can be stressful): Divorce, separation, birth of a child, blended family situation, death in the family or a close friend, an accident, recent incarceration of someone close to you, moving to a new area, job loss or job change or any other event that has caused stress.

You feel that you can't turn to friends, family or co-workers for support around your issues.

You feel embarrassed talking to those close to you.

You feel others do not understand.

As a licensed MFT,I offer confidential therapy services. These are some of the areas that I have direct experience working with include the following:

I have a proven track record working with children, adolescents and individuals. I especially enjoy working with women 17-50 years old.  

I am also highly experienced in the fields of:

Domestic Violence Issues (survivors)

Homelessness and Multi-Challenged clients

Grief and Loss

Trauma Recovery

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cultural issues/acculturation



Relationship Issues


Self-Actualization/Crossroads issues

Asian American family of origin issues

Harm Reduction
(around substance abuse or other self-harm issues)

Feeling Isolated and Lonely

Feeling Stressed

Feeling "Stuck" or "blue"


If the reason you are seeking counseling is not listed, feel free to call me for a consultation or possible referral.  I offer a free 10-15 minute phone consultation to make sure that working with me would be a good fit for both of us.